Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Contre Jour - One Night At The Station

  Contre Jour is a french band which started playing in 2009. The band includes Roxy (vocals), Christof (bass guitar), Greguy Leodocard (keyboards) and Manu (Guitar).

  Their first album called « One night at the station », which is a self-product project and was released in January 2010, combining many influences from the 80′s and the 90′s, offers a punchy sound between Post-punk and New wave.

 Their influences include Joy Division, The Chameleons, Siouxsie & the Banshees and The Cure. 

 Tracklisting :
01. Hourglass
02. À contre Jour
03. The chosen One
04. Grey House
05. Vladilen
06. Lies
07. One Night at the Station
08. Tension
09. This Feeling
10. Decay
11. A Recklessness
12. The Travelling 


  This self-produced debut album of 12 songs can produce for itself a darkly romantic world in your head and offers the dawning of the dark seasons suitable for lonely dark hours or parties.


moviesandsongs365 said...

Did not know about Contre Jour before, I liked the dreamy track , a step forward.

My favorite electronica albums from 2011 were Sea of Memories – Pallers, and English Riviera – Metronomy, they are both on my top 10 albums list I posted.

Happy new year, have a great 2012 !

Night Admirer said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Contre Jour is fantastic band with beautiful dreamy vocal, like them very much..

I'll visit your list you've posted, must be a lot of great bands including Metronomy and Pallers, really cool stuff :))

Happy New Year, and all the best to you too! ;)

Sarah Gobin said...

Really awesome post . Personnally I really related with it. one word magnifique. i feel connected somehow continue writing ill be following u follow me

Night Admirer said...

Thank You for your kind words! ;)

cagliostro said...

hello i'm french but I didn't know about that band until I came here, so many thanks because i'm falling in love with their music :-)

Night Admirer said...

Hello, glad you're here and that you've find something nice for you!
Very good band, fantastic french scene and I felt in love with their music ;-)

cagliostro said...

Hello you-that-make-me-know-that-band, they have 3 very good new songs and i've dedicated them a post in my blog ;-)



Night Admirer said...

Yes, I know, I know ... I've seen and liked them very much!
Didn't knew that they have a new videos until you've publish it on your blog some day ago.
Thanks ;-)

cagliostro said...

I've dedicated a post on my blog to their album (and did not forget to mention you) :-)

Night Admirer said...

Thank You!!
They deserve a lot of support for their admirable music!!

cagliostro said...

hello here is an interview I made of Contre jour, a new album will soon be aviable.

cagliostro said...

hello i've mad an interview of Contre jour http://www.we-can-utopia.com/article-interview-du-groupe-contre-jour-113564110.html
oups it's in french... well in fact we are french ;-) why doesn't the whole world speak french ??? well they will soon realeas a new album passion and fall

Night Admirer said...

Thanks for informing me about a new album, hope it will be as good as the previous! And about YOURS french ;)) there is a google translator... so I'll give my best :)

Contre Jour said...

Hey ! Hi :-) Thanks for your nice comments, that's very nice of you guys ! ♥ Hope you enjoyed our latest free EP "ABÎME" ! For those who never heard of this before : http://abime.contrejourband.com it's in "name your price" just put 0 and it's totally free ! :-)

Thank you very much again for youd kind words about our band... Sincerly,
Manu (the guitarist)