Sunday, 30 October 2011

SOVIET SOVIET - Summer, Jesus (2011)

  Summer, Jesus is the latest EP from Italian trio Soviet Soviet. In quite a unique manner they fuse industrial dirt with more accessible emo punk.The real muscle in ‘Summer, Jesus’ is the instrumental. It’s dark and menacing with rasping guitars and ominous leading bass lines.

  The vocals retain throughout punk's trademark declamatory, accelerated delivery that is unexpectedly but effectively supported by sophisticated, drumming while guitar and bass stick successfully to conventional punk simplicity and directness. 
 Sung in international English, the songs are sufficiently varied and engaging as are, naturally, their political messages.

  Soviet Soviet have a new video out for their song, "Human Nature"From summer, jesus EP released 08 October 2011 VIA Tannen Records.

01. Contradiction (03:03)

02. Human Nature (03:33)

03. Prince, Prostitutes (03:20)

04. Warmata (03:42)

05. The Beasts Are Brave (03:33)

06. Aztec Aztec (03:33)

Clan Of Xymox - Darkest Hour (2011)


   The band Clan of Xymox, also known as Xymox, formed in the Netherlands in 1981. They gained success in the 1980s, releasing their first two albums on a prestigious independent UK label, a third and fourth album on a major US label and scoring a hit single in the United States. Early pioneers of the dark and moody electronic music known as darkwave their 1980s releases included synthpop electronic dance music.

  In the 1990s, their music turned increasingly Goth (they have since been referred to as the "founding fathers of goth.") Though the band is still active and continues to tour and release records, of the original members (Ronny Moorings, Pieter Nooten, Frank Weyzig, and Anke [also Anka] Wolbert), only Moorings remains in the band today.

   How would the classic darkwave from the 80s sound today?
   Which path would the cult acts of the legendary 4AD label take with the possibilities of our modern world? As an answer to these questions, CLAN OF XYMOX deliver their foreboding thirteenth  studio album "Darkest Hour" - an enthralling journey through the past, present and future of gloomy goth/darkwave sounds.

  After enthusing the scene in the summer of 2009 with their quite goth rock-oriented "In Love We Trust", CLAN OF XYMOX return with an album that is surprisingly electronic. Without omitting the foggy guitars painting their characteristically melancholic aura into the songs, the framework of "Darkest Hour" consists of an elaborate composition of enigmatic electro sounds and mesmerizing darkwave nostalgia - a combination effortlessly melting together contemporary sounds with the aura that made the self-titled XYMOX debut an instant classic in 1985.

Ronny Moorings' passion for huge, sensual melodies, mystical sound experiments and seductive dance rhythms is as unbroken as it ever was. Melancholy, energy and determination rule "Darkest Hour", a record whose tracks "My Reality" or the hypnotic club hit "Delete" will work on any dancefloor, but that also delivers gripping entertainment and world-class goth hymns with "Dream of Fools" and the breathtaking "Wake Up My Darling". Crowned, as usual, with Ronny's unmistakable vocals instilling the necessary dark passion.

  An impressive 30 years have passed since the founding of CLAN OF XYMOX - a period being revisited on the new album and leading to ten modern darkwave classics ready to be instantly introduced into the canon of gloomy music. To be released on Ronny Moorings' birthday, 

"Darkest Hour" is music for the night, is music for life and for death, is music for eternity.

01. My Reality
02. Delete
03. My Chicane
04. Dream of Fools
05. Deep down I died
06. In Your Arms again
07. She did not answer
08. Tears ago
09. The Darkest Hour
10. Wake up My Darling


Monday, 10 October 2011

Automelodi - "Automelodi" [2010]

  Automelodi is the main musical project of Canadian songwriter/producer Xavier Paradis formerly known as Arnaud Lazlaud and later as Echo-Kitty, playing since the mid 90’s in the purest Neue Deutsche Welle and Fad Gadget styles.
They released their debut album “Automelodi” in August 2010.

   Automelodi combines guitars with synthesizers and drum machines to create a truly idiosyncratic, cerebrally sophisticated, and elegantly composed album of modern minimal electronic music!

   Highly unique for a North American band in 2010, Automelodi proudly embraces the infinitely rich ground of French pop musical influences - including the legendary ‘Chanteurs’ of the ‘60s and ‘70s, classic French cold wave(aka ‘La Vague Froide’) and minimal synth, and early UK new wave.

   The album carefully weaves together a series of hook-laden uptempo pop trax with with a set of stylishly confident, yet vulnerably melancholic downtempo songs that allow the listener to catch his misty breath in the mix, with nearly all vocals smoothly delivered in French. 

  As is often the case within French literature, poetry, and pop musical history the freely associative, intuitive and often dreamlike play of language and the voice is of prime importance to the band. And indeed for the English-speaking listener in particular, the vocals function as an additional flowing and soaring instrument in the mix as well as a mysteriously mediating force that provocatively obscure the lyrical narratives at work, while carefully playing off of both the icily detached guitars and the warmly, organic electronics. An amazing balancing act it is, and negotiating this plethora of conflicting forces within the record is quite an exciting sonic event to experience...welcome to the world of Automelodi...

1. Schéma corporel [Clip]
2. Airline [Clip]
3. Rose A.D. [Clip]
4. Stylo-bille
5. Rayons de rien
6. Buanderie Jazz [Clip]
7. Rentrée 3007
8. Pression
9. Employé terne
10. Limite Malade [Clip

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Opiates - Anatomy of a Plastic Girl

   The Opiates is a collaboration project between Billie Ray Martin and Robert Solheim that began 3 years ago when they performed songs together (including Anatomy of a Plastic Girl) at the Rough Trade record shop.
   They are set to release their debut album, Hollywood Under the Knife, next month. Anatomy of a Plastic Girl is the second single and explores the devastating consequences of a hopeful Hollywood starlet who is scarred emotionally and physically by a botched facelift. 
   The Opiates are radical because they do not shy away from the rare match of songwriting and cutting-edge beats and bleeps.
  The Opiates will boldly go where the best of electronic duo crossover albums have gone before and will appeal as much to the charts as to the underground, to film and television as much as radio and beyond.
  Their debut album "Hollywood Under The Knife" will be released on Disco Activisto Records on 21st October 2011.

  Directed by Jörn Hartmann

Friday, 7 October 2011

Kent - Isola (1997)

  Kent is a Swedish alternative rock band founded in Eskilstuna in 1990, with the name Coca-Cola Kids, later Jones & Giftet (Jones & the Poison), and Havsänglar (Angel sharks, literally Sea angels).
  The band's logo is distinctive, using a lowercase "k" and theITC Avant garde Gothic Book typeface.

  They are one of the most popular rock groups in Sweden, and describe themselves as "Sweden's biggest rock band", but are more or less unknown outside Scandinavia. 
  Kent briefly attempted an international career with English versions of the albums Isola and Hagnesta Hill and an accompanying American tour for the former, but they gave up after failing to achieve the breakthrough they had hoped for.

  The discography consists of eight studio albums(with two of them also released in English), onecompilation album, one box set, one EP, twenty-eight Swedish and six English singles. 
- Kent (1995)
- Verkligen (1996)
- Isola (1997)
- Hagnesta Hill (1999)
- Vapen & ammunition (2002)
- Du & jag döden (2005)
- Tillbaka till samtiden (2007)
- Röd (2009)
- En plats i solen (2010)


   Isola is an album released in 1997. It was followed in 1998 by an English version, for which a new song, "Velvet", was recorded. The album name comes from Ed McBains books about the 87:th police district and is a paraphrase for New York city, and Isola is mentioned in the song "Oprofessionell"/"Unprofessional".
  The album is said to have been largely influenced by Radiohead despite the difference in its sound. The ending song from the album, 747, has become a fan favourite and is usually one of the songs Kent use to close their concerts.

This is an English version "If You Were Here"



Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Flying Turns - As Good As

   French Cold New wave band Flying Turns from Paris, with beautiful deep dark voice and energetic post punk guitar riffs made such a great videos that make me excited to find a real high-quality band that reminds a lot to Joy Division, the first album of Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, Devo and so on..
   One of the band members is Gesaffelstein, a french producer of techno/electro music.
  Their first single was called as good as, listen to this promising and talented trio. Enjoy!!

Directed by Francesco Colombo 

Video by Marie Athénaïs -