Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dream Affair - Endless Days

  Dream Affair is a cold wave group based in Brooklyn, NY. Since the release of their sold-out EP ''All I Want'' last fall, the band has expanded their initial references of UK post-punk and French cold wave to incorporate sounds of Wax Trax industrial and 4AD shoegaze. 
  Comparisons have also been made with bands such as The Cure and Depeche Mode.
  Their debut full-length album perfects the cold dichotomy: the conflict and balance between bleak indifference and struggling emotions. 
  Romanticism in the vocals and guitars are vetted against the industrial chill of the rhythm section. The result is a testament of self-awareness, absurdity, and isolation.
  Dream Affair was founded by Hayden Payne (guitars, vocals), formerly of Void Vision. Starting out as a solo project, it now includes Abby Echiverri (synth, vocals) and Frank Deserto (bass). 
  Frontman Hayden Payne also played guitar for band Automelodi.

 This is the video Justin Anderson did for 'Endless Days'

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