Thursday, 1 December 2011

Xeno & Oaklander - Sets & Lights (2011)

  Xeno and Oaklander is a minimal wave/synth duo from Brooklyn, New York, comprising Sean McBride and Miss Liz Wendelbo. They began writing music in 2004 and they record their songs live in their studio and play analogue synthesizers and instruments exclusively.

- Vigils (2006) (Xanten)
- Saracen (2009) (Wierd Records)
- Sentinelle (2009) (Wierd Records)
- Sets & Lights (2011) (Wierd Records)

  The new video for “The Staircase,” by the synth pop group Xeno & Oaklander, epitomizes the cool aesthetic of the underground minimal electronics movement. 
   The video has the quality of a Xerox, reproduced over and over, blown out and dark, and induces a sense of something lost. 
  Taryn Waldman of Boxmotion, who directed the “The Staircase,” and Patrick Stroub, its cinematographer, make references to Roman Polanski’s film “Repulsion,” as a slip of a woman, Xeno (Wendelbo), climbs the stairs of a claustrophobic 19th-century Brooklyn tenement building, seemingly unaware that the object of her affection and of her voyeurism, Oaklander (McBride), is right next to her.

1. Sets & Lights
2. Untitled*
3. Years Before
4. Corrupt
5. Blue
6. Italy*
7. Autumn’s Edge
8. The Staircase
9. Desert Rose
10. Open Walls

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