Friday, 27 January 2012

The Beauty of Gemina - Iscariot Blues

  The Beauty of Gemina is a music group of the Swiss Michael Sele, which was founded in 2006.
  He's leading this project - accompanied by the musicians David Vetsch (bass) and Mac Vincens (drums) - onto the next level. 
  The band mixes elements from synth rock , dark rock  and electronic music.
  In the ten hymn-like and diversely arranged tracks the band leader seduces the listener with his dark timbre, lures hypnotically, constantly driving by powerful vocals and an unmistakable guitar play. He skilfully shuttles between melancholic intimacy and stadium sound, processing rock, wave, goth and blues influences.
   On the one hand Michael Sele reveals his habitual darkness; on the other hand he appears growingly political, proclaiming a new revolution and thus predicting an according cultural and social change of paradigms.
  The Beauty Of Gemina conceive themselves as a modern rock band orbiting close to the spirit of the age. Nonetheless, their sound knowingly eludes a clear musical categorisation.
  A distinctive voice as primary component, psychedelic guitar sounds, driving electronic devices, acoustic elements and profound lyrics peak to an arc of suspense, belt the mighty, epic-dark songs and reflect Michael Sele's atmospheric and at the same time daunting imagery output. 
  The Beauty Of Gemina with their new album Iscariot Blues are staging an opus of timeless-dark elegance, guiding their unique style to perfection. 

 My Space
01. Voices Of Winter
02. Haddon Hall
03. Badlands
04. Golden Age
05. Stairs
06. Prophecy
07. Dark Revolution
08. June 2
09. Seven-Day Wonder
10. Last Night Home


Video from the 2011 tour


At The End Of The Sea(2010)
01. Dark Rain
02. Obscura
03. Rumours
04. Kings Men Come
05. Sacrificed To The Gods
06. End Of All
07. Counting Tears
08. In Silence
09. A Fortune Tellers Dream
10. Black Cat Nights
11. Narcotica
12. Endless Sleep


A Stranger To Tears
01. Galilee Song
02. This Time
03. Psycho Flood
04. Shadow Dancer
05. Colours Of Mind
06. The Lonesome Death Of A Goth DJ
07. Heart Of A Gun
08. In Your Eyes
09. Into Black
10. One Day
11. Last Kiss
12. Narcissus
13. Simple Death
14. Tell Me Why
15. Wishful Promise
16. Essai Noir 

Diary Of A Lost
01. Suicide Landscape
02. One Step To Heaven
03. Hunters
04. Kingdom Of Cancer
05. Victims Of Love
06. Forgiveness
07. Nevertime
08. Trapped
09. Monster In Me
10. Fight Song
11. Isle Of Desire
12. Lovehate
13. La Reve De L'infidele

Friday, 13 January 2012

Austra - Spellwork

  Austra are an electronic band from Toronto, ON, Canada comprising Katie Stelmanis (principal songwriter), Maya Postepski, and Dorian Wolf. They débuted with the single “The Beat And The Pulse” (November 2010, One Big Silence), and their latest release is the remix album “Sparkle” (July 2011, Domino) .

  Their début album album, “Feel It Break” (May 2011, Domino), came after a long sequence of bands for Stelmanis, representing a near ten year musical progression performing as an artist, then fleshed-out by a full band. More settled and dominant than ever, the band’s sound represents Stelmanis’ influences tightened into a shiny metal ball — pianos give way to keyboards as songs build and pull, their urgent, dark melodies arpeggiating through multiple synthesizers, wrapping themselves around Stelmanis’ voice.

  New Austra video for 'Spellwork' from their debut album Feel It Break, out now on Domino. Directed by Yelena Yemchuk.
  In the woods of this electro-goth band, people ride around menacingly on black steeds, witches decked out in black robes plot sinister acts, and a guy in a knock-off Guy Fawkes mask stalks the land. 
  The video is full of penetrating synths and harmonic melodies that will leave you wanting more.

  Watch and listen.

  Feel It Break

01 Darken Her Horse
02 Lose It
03 The Future
04 Beat and the Pulse
05 Spellwork
06 The Choke
07 Hate Crime
08 The Villain
09 Shoot the Water
10 The Noise
11 The Beast


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dream Affair - Endless Days

  Dream Affair is a cold wave group based in Brooklyn, NY. Since the release of their sold-out EP ''All I Want'' last fall, the band has expanded their initial references of UK post-punk and French cold wave to incorporate sounds of Wax Trax industrial and 4AD shoegaze. 
  Comparisons have also been made with bands such as The Cure and Depeche Mode.
  Their debut full-length album perfects the cold dichotomy: the conflict and balance between bleak indifference and struggling emotions. 
  Romanticism in the vocals and guitars are vetted against the industrial chill of the rhythm section. The result is a testament of self-awareness, absurdity, and isolation.
  Dream Affair was founded by Hayden Payne (guitars, vocals), formerly of Void Vision. Starting out as a solo project, it now includes Abby Echiverri (synth, vocals) and Frank Deserto (bass). 
  Frontman Hayden Payne also played guitar for band Automelodi.

 This is the video Justin Anderson did for 'Endless Days'