Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Trust - Trst

  Trust is Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski (Austra). Formed in 2009, the Toronto-based duo released its first singles, "Candy Walls" and "Bulbform" in 2011 before signing with Arts & Crafts for the 2012 release of their forthcoming debut full length, TRST.

  In the last year they've performed with DFA1979, Crystal Castles, Balam Acab, Glass Candy, and Hercules and Love Affair.

  Tales of lust, wax, and erotomania that carry along on a dense black vapor of speed, space and tears.

 Enjoy in dark dancing...

Check out TRST in its entirety on Soundcloud.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sixth June

  Sixth June is the electro pop duo of Lidija Andonov and Laslo Antal. The group formed during 2008 in  Belgrade and are currently based in Berlin. Their first official release “everytime” came out in March 2010 for the German label Genetic Music/No Emb Blanc. Since then, the band has been playing gigs in Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Serbia. The duo have also performed at B.I.M. fest in Antwerp, and Exit festival Novi Sad.

You can let your heart listen their deep influence for everything that has a synthesizer sound and found its origin in the Eighties; the duo represents perfectly the two sides of the same coin, in fact while Laslo is producing obscure but expressive, powerful and danceable textures, on the back side the voice of Lidija is living the shape to a wobbling atmosphere you won’t escape from. 


Saturday, 10 November 2012


  Formerly from Toulouse (southern France), SOROR DOLOROSA was originally founded in 2001, with Andy (Nuit Noire, Mutiilation, Peste Noire, Celestia, Darvulia, Fornication) on drums, Franck (ex Funeraell) on guitar, Herve (ex Funeraell) on bass, and Christophe Guenot (ex Funeraell) on vocals.

   Herve came up with the name of SOROR DOLOROSA because of a novel titled "Bruges-la-morte" by Georges Rodenbach, a Flemish symbolist writer from the late 19th century. A novel marked by symbolism of nostalgia and mourning. SOROR DOLOROSA means "Sister Pain" in Latin, one could almost translate it as "lovers of pain" in a more Baudelaire way...

   The band recorded an unpublished demo, then the line-up changed in 2003 with the arrival of Emey (ex Contrast, Unscarred ...), who replaced Franck on guitar. Subsequently they recorded a second unpublished demo and did some gigs until they split in 2005.

   In August 2007 they reformed with the present line up. A month later , based on songs written by bassist Carles Hervé, the band recorded a third unpublished demo whose content sounds definitely Gothic Rock and Death Rock, influenced by groups such as Christian Death , Bauhaus , and The Sisters of Mercy

   From that time, Soror Dolorosa ' s style became more personal and they found an own identity as a band. The songs were now written by the four members together, though still mostly based on the bass guitar. They took on a Cold Wave colouring, more in line with bands such as The Cure or Human League , but also with hints of 70's rock like Deep Purple or Black Sabbath and retaining the Sisters of Mercy- like Gothic Rock influence .
Soror Dolorosa made their first record appearance with "American Chronicle" in March 2008, on the free compilation 
"Poisoned Dead Frogs" (Manic Depression):
  When the third demo was out on myspace, the group was contacted to release an EP through the British label Todestrieb Records. This 6 track EP, entitled " Severance", wasn't released until August 2009 due to production delays and is being distributed through underground ways, while the band promoted it with successful live performances all over France. 

01. Beau Suicide 5:38
02. 43° 5:50
03. Dare Me 5:44
04. Trembling Androgyneous 5:50
05. Thousand Clouds 3:10
06. American Chronicle 11:40 

  Some time in 2009, through the help of Neige (Amesoeurs, Alcest), the band came in contact with Northern Silence Productions, who offered to release their upcoming albums on their newly founded sublabel Beneath Grey Skies, and subsequently produced the debut full length " Blind Scenes " , recorded in August 2010 at Drudenhaus Studio. 


01. Crystal Lane
02. Autumn Wounds
03. Damaged Dreamer
04. Low End
05. Soror Dolorosa
06. Scars Of Crusade
07. In A Glance
08. Broken Wings

   To use the band's own words : " The album is quite cold, with misty blue moods. 'Blind Scenes' would rather be perceived as scenes unseen, that is to say, out of time and out of the real world. As a state of grace overshadowed by the inevitability of everyday life. The lyrics are heartfelt and talk about regrets, coldness, alcohol abuse, as well as forfeiture, but mostly nostalgia, hence the blue color of the music."



- “Severance” Mcd, Todestrieb records (UK) 2009
- “Blind Scenes” cd, lp Northerne Silence - Beneath grey skies (Germany) Out on 25th february 2011