Sunday, 30 October 2011

SOVIET SOVIET - Summer, Jesus (2011)

  Summer, Jesus is the latest EP from Italian trio Soviet Soviet. In quite a unique manner they fuse industrial dirt with more accessible emo punk.The real muscle in ‘Summer, Jesus’ is the instrumental. It’s dark and menacing with rasping guitars and ominous leading bass lines.

  The vocals retain throughout punk's trademark declamatory, accelerated delivery that is unexpectedly but effectively supported by sophisticated, drumming while guitar and bass stick successfully to conventional punk simplicity and directness. 
 Sung in international English, the songs are sufficiently varied and engaging as are, naturally, their political messages.

  Soviet Soviet have a new video out for their song, "Human Nature"From summer, jesus EP released 08 October 2011 VIA Tannen Records.

01. Contradiction (03:03)

02. Human Nature (03:33)

03. Prince, Prostitutes (03:20)

04. Warmata (03:42)

05. The Beasts Are Brave (03:33)

06. Aztec Aztec (03:33)

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