Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Opiates - Anatomy of a Plastic Girl

   The Opiates is a collaboration project between Billie Ray Martin and Robert Solheim that began 3 years ago when they performed songs together (including Anatomy of a Plastic Girl) at the Rough Trade record shop.
   They are set to release their debut album, Hollywood Under the Knife, next month. Anatomy of a Plastic Girl is the second single and explores the devastating consequences of a hopeful Hollywood starlet who is scarred emotionally and physically by a botched facelift. 
   The Opiates are radical because they do not shy away from the rare match of songwriting and cutting-edge beats and bleeps.
  The Opiates will boldly go where the best of electronic duo crossover albums have gone before and will appeal as much to the charts as to the underground, to film and television as much as radio and beyond.
  Their debut album "Hollywood Under The Knife" will be released on Disco Activisto Records on 21st October 2011.

  Directed by Jörn Hartmann


Luis Baptista said...

Love this,Great,Thanks.

Night Admirer said...

Thank You!! I like it much too. Rare deep dark..