Monday, 10 October 2011

Automelodi - "Automelodi" [2010]

  Automelodi is the main musical project of Canadian songwriter/producer Xavier Paradis formerly known as Arnaud Lazlaud and later as Echo-Kitty, playing since the mid 90’s in the purest Neue Deutsche Welle and Fad Gadget styles.
They released their debut album “Automelodi” in August 2010.

   Automelodi combines guitars with synthesizers and drum machines to create a truly idiosyncratic, cerebrally sophisticated, and elegantly composed album of modern minimal electronic music!

   Highly unique for a North American band in 2010, Automelodi proudly embraces the infinitely rich ground of French pop musical influences - including the legendary ‘Chanteurs’ of the ‘60s and ‘70s, classic French cold wave(aka ‘La Vague Froide’) and minimal synth, and early UK new wave.

   The album carefully weaves together a series of hook-laden uptempo pop trax with with a set of stylishly confident, yet vulnerably melancholic downtempo songs that allow the listener to catch his misty breath in the mix, with nearly all vocals smoothly delivered in French. 

  As is often the case within French literature, poetry, and pop musical history the freely associative, intuitive and often dreamlike play of language and the voice is of prime importance to the band. And indeed for the English-speaking listener in particular, the vocals function as an additional flowing and soaring instrument in the mix as well as a mysteriously mediating force that provocatively obscure the lyrical narratives at work, while carefully playing off of both the icily detached guitars and the warmly, organic electronics. An amazing balancing act it is, and negotiating this plethora of conflicting forces within the record is quite an exciting sonic event to experience...welcome to the world of Automelodi...

1. Schéma corporel [Clip]
2. Airline [Clip]
3. Rose A.D. [Clip]
4. Stylo-bille
5. Rayons de rien
6. Buanderie Jazz [Clip]
7. Rentrée 3007
8. Pression
9. Employé terne
10. Limite Malade [Clip

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