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Kent - Isola (1997)

  Kent is a Swedish alternative rock band founded in Eskilstuna in 1990, with the name Coca-Cola Kids, later Jones & Giftet (Jones & the Poison), and Havsänglar (Angel sharks, literally Sea angels).
  The band's logo is distinctive, using a lowercase "k" and theITC Avant garde Gothic Book typeface.

  They are one of the most popular rock groups in Sweden, and describe themselves as "Sweden's biggest rock band", but are more or less unknown outside Scandinavia. 
  Kent briefly attempted an international career with English versions of the albums Isola and Hagnesta Hill and an accompanying American tour for the former, but they gave up after failing to achieve the breakthrough they had hoped for.

  The discography consists of eight studio albums(with two of them also released in English), onecompilation album, one box set, one EP, twenty-eight Swedish and six English singles. 
- Kent (1995)
- Verkligen (1996)
- Isola (1997)
- Hagnesta Hill (1999)
- Vapen & ammunition (2002)
- Du & jag döden (2005)
- Tillbaka till samtiden (2007)
- Röd (2009)
- En plats i solen (2010)


   Isola is an album released in 1997. It was followed in 1998 by an English version, for which a new song, "Velvet", was recorded. The album name comes from Ed McBains books about the 87:th police district and is a paraphrase for New York city, and Isola is mentioned in the song "Oprofessionell"/"Unprofessional".
  The album is said to have been largely influenced by Radiohead despite the difference in its sound. The ending song from the album, 747, has become a fan favourite and is usually one of the songs Kent use to close their concerts.

This is an English version "If You Were Here"




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Yeah, great band, love them too, this album has a special meaning for me ;)
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The english video reminds me of a twilight zone episode I saw few days ago, scary!-it is halloween time of year ( :