Tuesday, 24 May 2011

THE GIRL AND THE ROBOT - Silence/Borderline (EP 2011)

  The answer to the question of why this law is to be set above all the others has already been given by THE GIRL & THE ROBOT and their extraordinary debut "The Beauty of Decay". 
  The warmth of human emotions, merged with cool, calculating electronics was one of the biggest discoveries of 2010 – and yet was only the beginning. With summer approaching, the fascinating Plastique and her machine man Deadbeat once again rise to the limelight to continue the most unusual relationship in music history.
  Their brand new EP "Silence/Borderline" once more takes us on dazzling journeys through mysterious circuit universes that again and again get melted by Plastique's alluring voice. 
 The most important interface in the virtual cosmos of the new EP are the two new tracks "Silence" and "Borderline", both impressively proving how deep the unequal duo dug into their floating electro worlds and how much they actually learned from each other. 

 The results of this are both gripping and artful examples of nocturnal electronic music, breaking up the cold sequences in "Silence" with warm, tantalizing synthesizer drops while "Borderline" with its Swedish lyrics is driven through the depths of human emotion by a dark and hypnotizing beat next to Plastique's bitter, yet passionate vocals.     

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Thanks! Gladly I can say it's remarkable song, especially that Swedish lyric made it even more interesting.