Sunday, 15 May 2011

Son Lux - Weapon VII

   Son Lux (b. Ryan Lott), is a USA composer / musician / remixer. 
  Son Lux is 32-year-old producer-composer, a man classically trained, but rewired by his own design.
A frequent collaborator and consummate “man behind the curtain,” with Son Lux, the New York-based auteur takes center stage. Somewhere between the concert hall and the dingy hip-hop club, you’ll find his haunting liquid soundscapes, born of beatwise means, rich in their orchestral warmth, always hinting at some divine unreachable height.

    In 2009, Lott released his critically lauded debut, At War with Walls and Mazes, and followed it with a series of performances that broke the album down into a mercurial mass to be reassembled at will — sometimes by Lott alone (on computer and/or piano), sometimes with help. Similarly,
Son Lux continued to evolve as Lott’s extracurriculars pushed him into new realms.

  He’s worked extensively with acclaimed choreographers, including Stephen Petronio, scoring his large-scale
dance works for Ballet de Lorraine and National Dance Company Wales. He also orchestrated
the brass and woodwinds for These New Puritans’ NME-touted Hidden LP, arranged the score to
a to-be-released French film, and produced a beat for left-field rapper Beans’ 2011 Anticon.

  His second album, We Are Rising, was made in February of 2011. 

  "Weapons VII" is a cut from Son Lux's Weapons EP, an amorphous structure wherein a given track can sound different every time you hear it.

  The four-and-a-half-minute production features a beautiful but sometimes unnerving mix of artfully stylized images, including half-naked models and Lott himself completely covered in a white powder.

  "In a sense, these songs are not songs, but meditations," Lott says. "I created as many as five different versions of each song (on At War With Walls and Mazes) before settling on 'the one.' But really, there is not just one. I'm free from the confines of structure, and the 'song' is, in its purest form, only simple melody, and the possibilities for presenting that melody are infinite."
   The "Weapons VII" video was produced by Son Lux and directed by Landis Smithers.

 Give yourselves into a rare powerful "meditation & Enjoy in his intensive masterpiece!

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