Saturday, 21 May 2011

Micron 63 - Micron Sixty Three (EP & DEMOS)

  It grabs you, thrashes you, rotates you and throws you to the floor. And that's only the opening.
  Micron Sixty Three provide an electrifying, head pounding slice of 80's dance music with a darker filling of vocals that leave you as confused and disorientated as the flashing neon lights blaring in your face. Intensifying every emotion you are almost able to smell the enthusiasm as the first track 'Death is Colder Than Love' conjures up images of quirky underground clubs with the lingering smell of cigarette smoke wafting through the air as the walls thud in unison with the beat.

 Micron 63 make a brooding electroey/guitary racket which marries memories of the past with visions of the future to create something undefinable by the present.

"Alternating between Sonic Youth/New Order inspired dance music and minimalist soundscapes, an imminent threat of violence simmers just below the surface with Micron Sixty Three."

  After the listening this video for the song Death is colder than Love I believe that you'll very quickly be the first  in the row for downloading the whole album and be surprised how great they sound.

 This is a collection of Demos and Live versions. You will Enjoy a lot!

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