Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tesla Boy - Rebecca (Modern Thrills)

  Tesla Boy is a Russian Electro/Pop/New Wave band formed in 2008 in Moscow. The band members are Anton Sevidov (vocals and keyboards), Dima Dimborn (bass and background vocals), and Boris Lifshits (drums). 

  The band's name is taken from the title of a song written by Anton and Dima during the beginning of their collaboration about a boy who could conduct electricity but could not control it and hurt those who came too near him. The idea was inspired by the apartment in which Anton lived for most of his life which was above a huge electrical transformer that made him constantly feel the presence of electricity.

  The band started by recording a five-track demo entitled "The Tesla Boy", distributing it amongst friends and on the internet. It was later published under the title "The Tesla Boy EP." The promo CD features full artwork by DW Design studios. Bloggers took note of the demo, describing the band's music as "some of the most exciting electronic music of the year", "the best thing to come from Russia since vodka" and "the finest pop group in the world today".

  The band were quickly booked for sold-out concerts in many major Soviet cities and headlined three major Russian music festivals: Afisha, Stereoleto and MIGZ. In July 2010, they played the Elektrana stage at Serbia's EXIT Festival.

  Since August 2009, the band has been signed to the British label Mullet Records. The label released the aforementioned demo "The Tesla Boy EP" along with a "The Tesla Boy" remix EP, and the band's debut LP "Modern Thrills" in May 2010, which was followed by the three singles "Electric Lady, "Thinking Of You" and "Liberating Soul". The debut album is the band's first official physical release on CD, with the cover design contributed by the New York City-based design studio Mogollon.

  In 2010, Tesla Boy collaborated in a live-only project with Poko Cox  for many live performances, which included some of Poko's tracks. Their first live performance together was in Kiev, Russia, followed by shows in the country.
Their songs "Fire," "Electric Lady" and "It's Not Loving" have been in heavy rotation at Radio Maximum since 2009, as well as the track Spirit of the Night starting in 2010. "Electric Lady" and "Fire" entered Radio Maximum's 2009 Top 100. The music video for "Electric Lady" has been featured on Muz-TV Russina since 2010. "Electric Lady" was featured on the Nu Disco compilation released by Hed Kendi Records, and an extended mix of the song was featured on the A Blues from the Gutter compilation mixed by Blackstrobe.

 The band has remixed tracks by Anoraak, Manicure, Sally Shapiro and Alla Pugacheva.
All music and lyrics are written by the band members; all stylistic decisions, regarding the concept, the direction of music and production, are made by the band.

 It is a brilliant showcase of their mixing skills – nu-disco, deep and dreamwave-y.

Fans of ’80s synthpop/new wave sound, it’s time to get thrilled!


Track list: 
1. Electric Lady 
2. Synthetic Prince 
3. Rebecca 
4. Synchronizing 
5. Minsk-2 
6. Dark Street 
7. Liberating Soul 
8. Fire 
9. Make Believe Ballroom 
10. Thinking of You 
11. Speed of Light


Milan Boya said...

Odlican izbor- my fav: thinking of you, electric lady n make believe ballroom!

Night Admirer said...

Hvala! Zaista izuzetan izvodjac.
Mnogo lepa secanja su ostala za njegovim nastupom na Exitu, electric lady je pravi zanos za atmosferu ;)

moviesandsongs365 said...

I like this track Rebecca, has a cool sound! similar to Depeche Mode I think

Night Admirer said...

Thanks! He's very talented musician and has more briliant songs like Rebecca.
Glad for your visiting and commenting!

moviesandsongs365 said...

Hi again Night admirer! Just to say I've posted my top 100 songs of 2010 over at my blog, be cool if you have the time to stop by and comment. Karen by chew lips made my top 10 songs! and Rebecca - Tesla boy was an honorable mention ( :

Any plans for a best-of 2010 list on your blog?

Night Admirer said...

Glad you're here again!!
I enjoyed your top 100 songs, so much work you have done, great!
Chew Lips always make me touched by their songs, and Tesla Boy..what an artist! He is more than honorable mention for me, talented guy.
Thanks for your visiting!

moviesandsongs365 said...

Yep, I am a busy music blogger ( :

Ok, you like The Raveonettes, you should check their 2011 album, some good tracks, I liked "summer moon", and "forget that you're young "

Any new albums you are looking forward to in the autumn/fall? If you're interested, I posted my anticipated albums list, maybe you have some sugesstions I could add ( :

Night Admirer said...

I'll listen to their new album, so much work in a busy day to find time for the all new stuff, but it'll come on its turn.. ;)

I wait for the new album of The Presets, australian electronic duo, have some great songs in their earlier albums, try the last single If I Know You, maybe they're too industrial for you in other songs.

I'll let you know if I find a proper sugesstion for your list, until then, take care and see you soon.. ;))

Chris said...

In case you missed it, Tesla Boy have new album out called The Universe Made of Darkness (2013)

My favorite from that so far is Dream Machine