Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Nipplepeople - Sutra

      Nipplepeople are mysterious electro-pop duo from Zagreb, Croatia. 
     They are acting under the mask and do not talk a lot about themselves, they prefer that their music does it for them.
     I like this single Sutra, great song and extravagant video.
    It is a pleasant experience to enjoy their live show, especially is interesting their bizarre costumes and masks, but underneth of them is hiding incredible voice and talent.



Nikki said...

Thanks for your comment!
You're posting quite interesting bands (many of them unknown to me) so I'll keep an eye on your blog ;)

Night Admirer said...

Welcome Nikki! I'm glad that you're here!
Enjoy in music and hopefully you'll find some time to waste here ;)
I'll try to keep your eyes on these unique artists! See you soon!

spiritual mistress said...

Amazing song! I'm singing it all day long! :)