Monday, 10 January 2011

De Rosa

   De Rosa was a Scottish rock band from Bellshill, consisting of Martin Henry (vocals, guitar), Chris Connick (guitar), James Woodside (bass), Neil Woodside (drums) and Andrew Bush (piano/keyboards). The band released two studio albums - Mend and Prevention- to critical acclaim.

   De Rosa were noted for their use of guitar-based indie rock combined with Henry's personal lyrics sung in a Scottish accent. When asked about the importance of place in his lyrics, founding member and song-writer Martin Henry stated: "I guess in some small way I’m trying to give post-industrial Lanarkshire a place in culture."Although heavily influenced by the alternative rock music of the 1980s and 1990s, De Rosa's sound also referenced other sub-genres of music, with elements of slowcore, Scottish folk and electronic music. In later performances De Rosa began to use more synthesisers and drum machines in their live set, their sound moving away from the guitar-based rock of their debut material towards a fusion of electronic and traditional styles.
  This is also one of many underrated music, but if you like Interpol, you will like De Rosa too.


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