Friday, 13 January 2012

Austra - Spellwork

  Austra are an electronic band from Toronto, ON, Canada comprising Katie Stelmanis (principal songwriter), Maya Postepski, and Dorian Wolf. They débuted with the single “The Beat And The Pulse” (November 2010, One Big Silence), and their latest release is the remix album “Sparkle” (July 2011, Domino) .

  Their début album album, “Feel It Break” (May 2011, Domino), came after a long sequence of bands for Stelmanis, representing a near ten year musical progression performing as an artist, then fleshed-out by a full band. More settled and dominant than ever, the band’s sound represents Stelmanis’ influences tightened into a shiny metal ball — pianos give way to keyboards as songs build and pull, their urgent, dark melodies arpeggiating through multiple synthesizers, wrapping themselves around Stelmanis’ voice.

  New Austra video for 'Spellwork' from their debut album Feel It Break, out now on Domino. Directed by Yelena Yemchuk.
  In the woods of this electro-goth band, people ride around menacingly on black steeds, witches decked out in black robes plot sinister acts, and a guy in a knock-off Guy Fawkes mask stalks the land. 
  The video is full of penetrating synths and harmonic melodies that will leave you wanting more.

  Watch and listen.

  Feel It Break

01 Darken Her Horse
02 Lose It
03 The Future
04 Beat and the Pulse
05 Spellwork
06 The Choke
07 Hate Crime
08 The Villain
09 Shoot the Water
10 The Noise
11 The Beast



cagliostro said...

Austra has offered us a very beautiful album, i'm really in love with this music. Lose it is my fave song on the album, but the whole of it is wonderful.

Night Admirer said...

You're absolutely right!
Amazing, charming vocal and captivating melodies, they really make an unique music.
Thanks for coming by here ;-)

cagliostro said...

i'm going to see them live in paris the 12 june, i'm impatient !

Night Admirer said...

Oh, I can imagine! It will be really something special!