Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Propylaion - Mimicry

   Propylaion is a indie pop band from Hamburg, Germany, formed in 1995.
   It's very interesting name for a band "propylaion" which  is a greek word for a monumental gateway leading towards a sanctuary.  

     Nils Wommelsdorf – voice, gimmicks, noises 
     Michael Holland – guitar, backing vocals
     Patrice Serfort – drums, percussions
     Georg Sheljasov – bass, backing vocals


  They have released their new album Mimicry, which is very professional piece of music and also has a unique acoustic sound, which is not surprising 'cause they're music educated guys.

Listen to this great song - Who moved the ground? with a tender electro beat and a beautiful charming voice...
         They have much to offer, so Enjoy!!


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