Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Trust - Trst

  Trust is Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski (Austra). Formed in 2009, the Toronto-based duo released its first singles, "Candy Walls" and "Bulbform" in 2011 before signing with Arts & Crafts for the 2012 release of their forthcoming debut full length, TRST.

  In the last year they've performed with DFA1979, Crystal Castles, Balam Acab, Glass Candy, and Hercules and Love Affair.

  Tales of lust, wax, and erotomania that carry along on a dense black vapor of speed, space and tears.

 Enjoy in dark dancing...

Check out TRST in its entirety on Soundcloud.


cagliostro said...

I'm happy that you dedicated a post to this band that I adore. Iv'e dedicated numerous post on my blog because they are wonderful. In fact I should say He, because the main Trust thing is Robert Alfons. Maya from the fabulous band Austra collaborated with him but seem to be following a different path now. I've seen Trust live and was expecting a shoe-gazing performance but in fact Robert is a performer full of incredible jumping energy. I've made a slide-show with phoos i toolk at the concert to illustrate a song, Trinity, which is a b side an dont a the Trst album, hope you'll enjoy.
bye from France

Night Admirer said...

Greetings to You!
I'm in love with this album, He is an amazing artist with a charming voice and catchy songs.
I like to listen this cd in a car during a ride...
Can't imagine what a pleasure was their live, lucky You ;)
I'll check your posts, see you soon!
Thanks for coming by!