Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cold Showers - Highlands

   Based out of Los Angeles comes the fresh sounds of  COLD SHOWERS. 
  Highlands is their first release to date with a promising sound coming from the Mexican Summer label.
  Combining influences of late 1970s post-punk with a sonic exploration closer to something from Neu!, it is the carefully constructed spatiality of the music that gives the somewhat minimal lyrics their weight; distant and atmospheric. 
 Moments of aggression and transcendence transform the songs from mere sound to rich sonic narratives: within the rise of the language lies a vision under restraint, a pent up joy that is like nothing else. The resulting sound is unexpectedly tough, vital, and contemporary.
Take a listen, a really nice surprise in these post punk waters , lovely indeed!! 

In their first Room 205 installment, the aptly named Cold Showers deliver an icy hot, uptempo performance of "So I Can Grow" from their forthcoming debut album.


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