Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Soviet Soviet - Contradiction

    The masters of  Europian post-punk/new wave are back with a new video for their track “Contradiction”, the opener off their 2011 release, "Summer, Jesus". 
   The band has received numerous feedbacks from audiences and critics, "Contradiction" comes to crown a golden period for the Soviet Soviet, who had many dates abroad , particularly in eastern Europe. 
  Amazing artists with a sophisticated sense for making an extraordinary music, its hardly to find such a high-quality band in these waters. 
  Big support and good luck in the future!

Highy recommened!

 The video was directed, edited and produced by Roberto ‘RUP’ Paolini. 


nonI said...

ohh nice one :P

Night Admirer said...

Wonderful! Thanks for coming by here! ;)