Saturday, 10 September 2011

Emmon - Nomme

   Emmon is the solo project of Emma Nylén. She is also one of the member of the Swedish pop-band Paris. The Emmon-project was started in 2001 as an experimental music vs. art project under her art studies at Konstfack University Collage of fine Art in Stockholm. Emmon..s computer based music lays on the border between pop, synth, electro and disco music. Its based on her vocal resources with a lot of attitude and melodic pop songs. She also working as a DJ and doing remixes for other bands and artists. For example: The Knife, Melody Club, Homy, Soviac, Postplay. 

   In the very beginning, her music was quite minimal and rather monotonous electronica, actually a bit electro-clash inspired. But over the years, her music has matured into an energetic and melodic style of electropop, often very danceable and catchy. The music is both cold and warm, hard and soft, all at the same time. It's urban, European, modern, authentic, stylish and elegantly sexy, just like Emma herself.

  In 7 February 2007, Emmon released her debut album The Art and the Evil on Wonderland Records. It was written, produced, mixed and engineered by Emma Nylén. The tracks “Rock D’Amour” and “Time Can Only Make Things Better” were co-written and co-produced by Jon Axelsson. Three singles supported the album: "Wake Up Time” (issued in 2006), “Rock D'Amour” and “Down Below”.

   The sophomore album, Closet Wanderings, was issued in 19 February 2009, on Wonderland Records. Like her debut album, it was written, produced, mixed and engineered by Emma Nylén. The songs “Torturous Pleasure” and “Lips on Fire” were co-written and co-produced by Jon Axelsson. Two singles supported the album: “Secrets & Lies” and “Lips on Fire”.

 In June 2011, Emmon issued the third album Nomme on Wonderland Records. The album was preceded by two singles: “Distance” and “Ghost Dance”.

    Lovers of Miss Kittin will surely be pleased with this record. I dare to state the melodies on this record are better, more refined and Emma has a wider vocal range. Satisfying bass sounds in “Baseepressen”, sparkling melodies in “Distance”, eighties flavours in “Ghost Dance”, all in all enough elements for dance floor purposes.
   On top this is a varying album with enough subtlety for various listening sessions. 

  “Nomme” may need some time to grow, but it is definately her best work to date. A very good Electropop journey is guaranteed. 

  Here's the brand new video from her new album, she made it great as ever!!


    For some of you who haven't heard about this amazing artist here's some of her earlier works to     represent her music, don't be lazy to take a few minutes and listen to her songs!



Spark said...

Nice. Good taste in music. ;)

Night Admirer said...

Thank you very much!
I tried to find something new and also with an interesting but good music history like this band.
Thank You for reading my blog, your comments are always welcome, enjoy in the best time of a busy day - Music Time ;))

RoboGeisha said...

Hi there! I like this band, never heard before about it, but I'll try to find more than these videos.. tnx ;)

Night Admirer said...

Glad you've find something new that you like, excellent band, just Enjoy!!