Saturday, 30 July 2011

IAMX - Bernadette

  IAMX released their long awaited 2nd single from their recent album  "Volatile Times"
 BERNADETTE is it called and tells a story about “a person of  great importance to me.”,  Chris says. “A child of  the infinite and a woman I will always adore. The timeless Bernadette. Curious., fragile, stubborn, beautiful, demonic.  And in need of  a little protection.”

  Bernadette’s music video directed by Berliner Fabian Roettger will also be published on the same day along with the German version by Chris. Releases will be available for download on IAMX’s official website

   According to official announcement it will be released as a digital download on July 29. Besides the album version of the song, it will also include its German version as well as rework by Chris. Here’s the full tracklist:
1. Bernadette (Radio Edit) 03:23
2. Bernadette (Radio Edit Deutsch) 03:23
3. Bernadette (Post Romanian Storm) 05:13
4. Bernadette (Headfuck Collage) 02:15
5. Bernadette (Instrumental) 05:25

   It is absolutely inspiring, dark and intense with its whole artistic beauty.
   It's really hard to comment such a big & genius piece of  art especially when it's coming from very complexing artist Chris Corner.
  His emotions, loneliness is a kind of suffering, a heavy prison, burden and a crucifix.. He is giving all that in every word, song, live act.
  His destructive act destroys and crushing it all away, gives him a new skin, breath, regenerate him to live and sing through circle of its volatile times, wandering through dark journey, waiting for a tender soft touch of daylight and more again.

  So much love for this man!!!
  For his Liberty!


Mistress Hyde said...

Lovely indeed! Thanks for the good choice!

Night Admirer said...

Song is lovely, but the video is really something special and best ever done by IamX, Love it very much!
Thanks for visiting! xxx

Luis Baptista said...

Yes, another great video.Amazing.