Friday, 8 April 2011

SideSteps - The Heartbreak song

SideSteps is a project from Belgium consisted of Mr. sidesteps (Greece) & Dag Otto Braende (Norway).
Mr. sidesteps is along with huge ambitions and passion, creator of one beautifully special piece of music.
If you’re lover of darkness, melodic and powerful tunes, love bands like Depeche Mode or She Wants Revenge, then you're gonna love them a lot!

I was overwhelmed when I find out that they put their official music video for the Heartbreak song on you tube, so I speed up to share it with more music people and hopefully they get more support and love for their work and art, 'cause they deserve it. 
They are a band with great potential and artistic sense, I wish them all luck and success!

Mr. SideSteps says: "Our goal is to express our feelings and find like-minded people who appreciate it, not become another rockstar-idol"


            You can download the whole album for free
            Just follow the link below ..

            SideSteps Official
            SideSteps myspace


nonI said...

sounds good ☼

Night Admirer said...

Thank you! This band is in the beginning of their breakthrough on the indie scene, so like I said in my post, all luck and success, they will need a lot of support. Enjoy! ;)

Mr. SideSteps said...

Thank you very much for the post my friend! We're so glad when we see posts like that! I gladly invite you to our facebook page to talk more:

Night Admirer said...

The pleasure is mine!
I didn't expect that you will find my blog, but I'm glad that you were here and I'm flattered by your words. Thanks a lot!

Mr. SideSteps said...

Hehe, I got notified by my scanners ;) if you wanna talk more, I'd like to know what going on in Serbia.

Night Admirer said...

Thank you for your chat invite! I'm not so addictive to facebook, but we can keep in touch by our emails, I'll contact you very soon :))
Be well! All Greetings!!!