Sunday, 5 December 2010

Editors - You Don't Know Love

   Editors are a British indie rock band based in Birmingham, formed in 2002.year.

     They have a plenty of good done work, it's hard to choose which song could be their best composition ever, so i pick this unique idea for video which give us a beautiful aspect of attraction, love, passion and maddening touch of artistic expession.

 Hope you can enjoy as well as i do...


Anonymous said...

Bueno blog! Gracias por pasar por

moviesandsongs365 said...

Just became a follower today. You have some interesting and unusual songs. Editors is a band I want to hear more of now.

I checked what other blogs you read, and I think I will follow some of them also! ( :

I saw your link on indie arto, if you're wondering

Night Admirer said...

Thank you! Hope you'll come across again! :)

Night Admirer said...

Thank you very much for these generous words.
I'm glad you like being here and that you choose to be my follower.

Enjoy your time! ;)