Saturday, 27 November 2010

Late Of The Pier - Space And The Woods

    It's thrillingly different band, for all who hyperventilate with rage.

    Listen this twitchingly eccentric single Space And The Woods, which isn't so much one weird track as three, stitched together.
 So, find these guys and get their singles and enjoy in confusion :)

"We want to have fun exploring music and playing to people who go crazy is fun,' explains Sam Potter. 'When you play to audiences who've yet to form an opinion of themselves, then they're very receptive and a lot better than normal crowds. We want to entertain, not be a deadly serious kind of experimental band with strict rules or boundaries."
   "When people hear more of our music they might be even more confused. We've always had that power to confuse people and I don't think that's really a bad thing. I think people like to be confused sometimes."

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Night Admirer said...

Space And The Woods
Suicide is in my blood
It always was
but it doesn't evaporate in the light any more
And this world is no place
For a mind or a thought
No its not
Well thats been said before
But space and the woods still know who I am and I know they don't owe me anything not after what I've done.
Put on my radiation suit and slip away
I'm on the run from what I've become
And this life (like suicide)
Runs at a lot of different speeds
and I know they don't owe me anything
not after what I've done
late on a Monday night
I'm on the grapevine
beating around the bush
adds to the bassline
thinking about the time
when I was dancing slow
and out of control
im shit hot so say what you think about me im not gonna cry cos i dont care
I've done nothing
I've done nothing
but they forgive anything
like how I don't stop you
breaking my arms
and chopping me down
so I fit in your laptop
I've done nothing